The BMW Company is regarded as the King in the car manufacturing industry. The company produces some of the expensive cars all over the world. BMW is an acronym for Bavarian Motor Works which refers to a German Automobile Company. The company is one of the oldest vehicle producers internationally and has been operating since 1916. Due to the high level of maintenance required with these automobiles, it is important that every owner finds the best insurance coverage that will help cut on the repair and maintenance costs. Before choosing the best insurance coverage it is best that you get a motor trade insurance online quote from different companies for comparison purposes. Below is a description of some popular BMW products that have made the company a King Maker in the automobile industry.

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They were launched in 2004 and were majorly composed of new body kits, hardware, chassis, engine and other spare parts. The first series came into the market with little influence and were relatively absorbed by people at a slow rate.


They were first launched in 1975 and were considered to be an executive class automobile. The 3rd series is currently in its 5th generation. All the new models developed under it have resulted in a revolution in the features of the car and increased its reputation in the automobile field. Some of the 5th generation of the 3rd series cars include the Station Wagon (E91), E90 sport sedan, Coupe (E92) among other attractive and impressive cars. Apart from being executive models, they also offer the user with extra luxury of a Terrific Speaker and a manual navigation system. These models are considered to be more important since they have been sold world-widely for a long period of time. The cars have been continuously modified with the addition of BMW headlights, 4 LCD Screens DVD player and remote engine start system among other features.

Sports series

Sports Activity Series describes the sports cars developed by BMW. The SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) are one of the most common series of these cars. These cars have enhanced on-road capabilities and are capable of generating outstanding pace. Most parts of the cars are 'Action' rather than 'Utility' based. All the sports cars manufactured by BMW are classified under the X-series. Below is a description of some popular sports activity series automobiles manufactured by BMW.

Sports Activity Vehicle. The X-5 is one of such series that was introduced in 1999. X-3 was introduced four years later and became the best-seller as compared to X-5.

Sports Activity Coupe. The X-6 series is categorized under this group. The launch of the X-6 is one of the main reasons for the flourishing of BMW. The X-6 is considered to be an add-on to the SAVs. Their unparalleled performance has made them more popular than the SAVs.

The Concept X1 is still under development and is set to be the most expensive BMW sports activity vehicle on the market. Regardless of the pricing, it will come with enhanced transmission and handling capabilities.